A brilliant salad accessory or sandwich ingredient, watercress is full of vitamins A and C, and works like a natural antibiotic, helping zap unwanted blemishes and heal the skin. Michelle, Maybe see what foods need eliminating, i.e. white bread, refined sugar, sodas, fried foods, etc? Press Release Films The Mayo Clinic Diet Online OTA statement on comment deadline extention ^ Howard, Sir Albert. "Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease (The Soil and Health)". Journey to forever online library. Faber and Faber Limited. Retrieved 18 August 2014. 5 Houseplants So Hardy They Would Even Grow On The Death Star The Perfect Muffin Top Diet for Women Who Want a Smaller Waist What crops are considered at “High-Risk” of being genetically modified? Sweet Corn Tamale CakesTopped with Sour Cream, Salsa, Avocado and Salsa Verde. Broccoli, part of the cruciferous family (the same as cabbage), has been touted as a superfood, and for good reason: It boasts cancer-fighting compounds along with a long list of essential nutrients, here are just a few:

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